We pride ourselves in being one of the leading importers of Australian beef in Thailand. Offering premium quality beef while keeping the prices affordable has been our goal since the start.

Find a wide variety of beef from top Australian brands here, from grain- to grass-fed, Wagyu to Black Angus, and steak cuts to whole pieces—all without antibiotics and free from added hormones.

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  • Wagyu Rump Steak of 650-700g

    2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef Rump Steak

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  • Jack's Creek Black Angus Rib Eye

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Ribeye

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  • Jack's Creek Striploin MB3

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Striploin

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  • Wagyu Beef Tenderloin (MBS4-5)

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Tenderloin

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  • Jack's Creek Black Angus Rib Eye

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Rib Eye/Cube Roll

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  • Grain Fed T-Bone Beef Black Angus Piece of 500-700 gr

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus T-Bone

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  • Jack's Creek Tomahawk MB1

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Tomahawk

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  • Jack's Creek Black Angus Beef Tenderloing MB3

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Tenderloin

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  • Jack's Creek Black Angus Prime Rib (MBS3)

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Prime Rib

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  • Burger Patties Frozen in a pack of 3

    Black Angus Beef Burger Patties (150g x3pcs)

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  • Wagyu Beef Diced

    Beef Cubes (1kg pack)

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  • Murray Pure Grass Fed Striploin Steak

    Murray Pure Grass-Fed Striploin Bone In

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  • Australia Beef Medallions Steak

    Australia Beef Medallions Steak

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  • Pack of Australia Roast Beef

    Australia Roast Beef

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  • Denver Steak

    Denver Steak (250g)

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  • T Bone Black Angus Beef

    Murray Pure Grass-Fed Shortloin

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  • Prime Rib of Murray Pure Grass Fed between 1 and 1.2 kg

    Murray Pure Grass Fed Prime Rib

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  • Delmonico Steak 250 gr

    Delmonico Steak (250g)

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  • Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak of 200gr

    OBE Organic Grass-Fed Tenderloin Steak (200g)

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  • Ground Beef of 300g

    Ground Beef (300g)

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  • Jack's Creek Striploin Bone in MB2

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Striploin, Bone-In

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  • OBE Organic Beef Short Rib Bone

    Jack’s Creek Black Angus Short Ribs

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  • Jack’s Creek Black Angus Beef Shank, Bone-In

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  • Jack's Creek Wagyu Striploin MB4-5

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Striploin

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