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  • OBE Organic Beef D-Rump

    OBE Organic Beef D-Rump

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  • OBE Organic Beef Outside Flat

    OBE Organic Beef Outside Flat

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  • OBE Organic Beef Oyster Blade

    OBE Organic Beef Oyster Blade

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  • OBE Organic Beef Short Rib Bone

    OBE Organic Beef Short Ribs

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  • Ralph's Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye

    Ralphs Beef Ribeye/Cube Roll

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  • Ralphs Grass Fed Tenderloin Whole Piedce

    Ralphs Beef Tenderloin

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  • Pieces of beef meat ready to cook

    Wagyu Beef Yakiniku (200g)

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  • 500g of Wagyu Beef Skewer for grill

    Wagyu Beef Skewers

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  • Shabu beef ready to grill

    Wagyu Beef Sliced (300g)

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  • wagyu d rump

    2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef D-Rump

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  • wagyu topside steak

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Topside

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  • Wagyu Thick Skirt

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Thick Skirt

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  • Wagyu Beef Thick Sausage

    Wagyu Beef Thick Sausage

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  • Wagyu tenderloin piece

    OBE Organic Beef Tenderloin

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  • Corned Beef Whole Piece

    Australian Wagyu Corned Beef (0.8-1kg/pack)

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  • Burger Patties Frozen in a pack of 3

    Wagyu Beef Burger Patties (150g x3pcs)

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  • Angus Prime Rib Whole Piece

    OBE Organic Beef Prime Rib

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  • Tenderloin Whole Piece with rope

    Kidman Tenderloin, Side Strap Off

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  • Jack's Creek Wagyu Eye of rump Mb4-5

    Jack’s Creek Wagyu Eye Of Rump

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  • Kidman Striploin Wholepiece

    Kidman Striploin

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  • 6 Burgers packed and frozen

    Black Angus Beef Burger Patties (180g x6pcs)

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  • Kidman Beef Rib Eye

    Kidman Ribeye

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  • Sher Wagyu Outside Flat

    Sher Wagyu Beef Outside Flat, MB8/9

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  • Sher Wagyu Topside with marbling of 8 to 9, cut in steaks

    Sher Wagyu Beef Topside, MB8/9

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