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  • Chorizo Sausages

    Gourmet Pork Cumberland Sausages (250g)

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  • Italian sausages

    Italian Mild Thick Sausages (250g)

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  • Bacon stripes from Almires

    Almires Bacon (500g)

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  • BEHER Black Label Acorn Iberian Sliced Ham – 1 pack (100g)

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  • Beher Jamón Ibérico de Bellota – Gold Label Acorn Iberian Sliced ham(100g)

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  • BEHER Unico Iberian Ham Sliced (90g/pack)

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  • Elpozo Sliced Iberico Ham (250-280g)

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  • Elpozo Ham full leg

    Elpozo Jamon Serrano Ham – Whole Leg (7.3-8kg)

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  • El Pozo Ham Block sliced

    Elpozo Jamon Serrano Ham – Block (2.1-2.3kg)

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  • BEHER Iberian Ham Roja Label – Whole Leg (7-8kg)

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  • Chorizo iberico from Legado

    Elpozo Iberico Chorizo Sliced (100g)

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  • Elpozo Jamon Serrano from Spain

    Elpozo Jamon Serrano Reserva Ham (100g)

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  • Pork Burger patties pack of 3 frozen

    Pork Burger Patties (150g x3pcs)

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  • Pack of Breakfats sausages made with pork and leek

    Thin Pork Sausages with Leek

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  • Pack of Pork and Garlic Sausages

    Thin Pork Sausages with Garlic

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  • Pork Chorizo Thin sausage

    Pork Chorizo Thin Sausage

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  • Pork Cumberland Thin Sausage

    Thin Pork Cumberland Sausages (250g)

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  • Pork Sausages

    English Pork Thin Sausages (250g)

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