BEHER Iberian Ham Roja Label - Whole Leg (7-8kg)

BEHER – Iberian Ham Red Label – Whole Leg

Product of Spain.

From 100% Iberian pigs, raised in freedom in the Spanish dehasas, where they enjoy an exquisite feeding of grass, cereals, and acorns. Cured between 26 and 36 months, under the continental climate of Guijuelo in natural dryer rooms and natural cellars.

With fine bone, long and well-shaped, with an appropriate striation of fat, with a very soft consistency. The cut presents an attractive cherry red color, good infiltration of fat and veining, and a brightness (both lean as fat) that is characteristic of its high quality. Price 1,890 per kg

Approximate weight per piece 7-8 kg

Please allow us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.