Out of the Mouths of Babes Comes Eisdom

Beef Offering in Bangkok Bob's

A Thai lady came into Bangkok Bobs this week. Not once but twice. She explained that her nine-year-old son will only eat beef from Bangkok Bobs.

Apparently, he has tried beef in some chain restaurants and hotels but says the beef just is not the same. “It does not have the real taste of beef,“ he says.

And that comment, dear friends, got me thinking about what we offer. In a word that is QUALITY and should also be joined with VALUE. These are two of our core principles and we value them highly.

After forty-nine years of importing beef from Australia, no other company can match us! We have the best. Simple. As the importer we do not rely upon marketing companies and apps to supply you, meaning you receive very very reasonable prices. Buy the best from the best!

Bangkok Bobs extends this philosophy to all the products we offer, whether it is wonderful Jamon from Spain, Barramundi from Bali, or Oysters from Ireland, we have the best.

Check it out on our online store or better still, drop by, taste a sample sip a glass of good red / white wine, or a Peroni draught beer.

You will be glad you did!

Bangkok Bob


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