Lamb T-Bone Loin Chops (400-500g/pack)

Lamb T-bone makes a great one-serving portion and is perfect for grilling.

AGE – Australian lambs are processed between 8 to 12 months of age, the best age for ideal EQ

AGING – Vacuum packaging allows for wet aging of the meat which is important to gain optimum EQ

BREED – Lambs are second cross British and composite breed fat lambs selected for their prime EQ

CHILLED (not frozen) – This means you can be confident the moisture content is not compromised by
defrosting the product. Moisture content is important because it increases to the juiciness &
tenderness of the meat, delicious EQ

CONSISTENT – Carcase sizes are graded 22-28kg dressed weight range providing consistent
quality for each of the primal cuts. This is particularly important for foodservice where portion control
is vital. Consistent quality helps to deliver premium EQ

FEED – our lambs are all grass-fed free-range animals sourced from Southern Australia where there
is ample fresh water and native pastures, ideal for grazing and farming.

Individually vacuum packed.

Approximate weight per pack 400-500g (5 pieces)

Please allow us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.





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