Try Gravadlax with Dill!

Salmon gravlax with Dill Sauce

For no particular reason, the word “Sennep” came to mind during the week! Sennep is Norwegian for mustard, and from that, I thought of dill. Dill is a prolific herb found all over Asia and here in Thailand it is known as “Packchee Lao” and is used in many local cuisines. In fact, a very […]

Swim Away Salmon, Let Barramundi in

5 different Barramundis recipes

It would appear, that Bangkok Bobs is only about meat, the best, finest quality beef available in Bangkok, or Thailand for that matter. But no, because whenever and wherever I see or experience a quality product which is not available here I make steps to bring that to market here. You will find many examples […]

Carlingford Irish Oysters

Oysters from Carrington Lough Ireland

I think it was Mark Twain who said, “It was a brave man, the first one to taste an oyster.” That must have been millions of years ago! Oysters grow just about anywhere where there is the sea. Preferably at the water’s edge and somewhere, they can anchor themselves. The history of the oyster goes […]