King Fish Steak (Skin-On) from Australia (190g)

King Fish Skin on From Australia

Individual portion 190 gm per pack frozen 

Price 320 per piece

Himarasa Kingfish from South Australia –

Hiramasa Kingfish is renowned for being one of the finest eating fish in the world.

Its firm white-to-pale-pink flesh boasts a fresh, sweet and clean flavour that’s superbly moist and silky unadorned as sashimi, yet rich enough to hold its own when paired with more robust ingredients and flavours, including meat.

Its broad-flaked texture and minimal bone structure is also favoured by leading restaurant chefs for its easy eating, consistently high standard and exquisite mouth feel. The skin crisps brilliantly too, reflecting its higher fat content.

All of this means that Hiramasa Kingfish is a fish for every season; performing magnificently as a warming winter dish as well as clean, classic summer fare.

Whether it’s haute cuisine or haute casual, Hiramasa Kingfish’s versatility makes it a veritable palette for the palate.






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