OBE Organic Beef Oyster Blade 2.0-2.5 Kg

OBE Organic Beef Oyster Blade 2.0-2.5 Kg

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OBE Organic produces the world’s best organic beef.

The Oyster Blade is the muscle that sits below the shoulder blade, bisected by a long line of thin connective tissue. When separated from the shoulder, it’s cut into steaks. When cooking oyster blade steak it is important to score or remove the centre gristle to prevent curling when cooking. Cut into thin strips, Oyster blade steaks are also suited to stir-fries.

Price 540 THB/KG instead of 690 THB/KG.
Approximate weight per piece 2.0-2.5 KG.
Approximate price per piece 1,080 – 1,350 THB.

**Please allow us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.**

* Whole piece only*

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