Niksan Wagyu Striploin Mb3


Niksan Wagyu Striploin Mb3

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฿11,205 ฿8,100


All Wagyu Fullblood cattle used in the production of Niksan beef can be traced back to their Japanese ancestors. All fullblood cattle are DNA registered.

Niksan beef is the product of the fully monitored Beefcorp production system, independently audited at all stages. The cattle are processed at G & K O’Connor under Halal supervision.
All Niksan Wagyu beef is Halal accredited

Price 1,800 THB/KG

Approximate weight per piece  3.0 – 4.5 KG

Approximate price per piece 5,400 – 8,100 THB

***Please allow us to confirm weight and total price before the payment***.


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