Jack’s Creek Wagyu Striploin MB4-5

Jack’s Creek Wagyu Striploin MB4-5

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Jack’s Creek Wagyu cattle are slaughtered and processed under contract at the Northern Co-operative Meat Company, Est.239 which operates under strict Australian Quarantine and BRC Global Quality Assurance Standards. These certifications underpin the beef’s quality, safety and provide fundamental protection for the end consumer.

Our Jack’s Creek grading system offers all marble scores from 3 to 9+ to suit your application. Aged to perfection, Jack’s Creek Wagyu beef provides a distinctive eating experience that is full of flavour with every bite.

Price 2,490 THB/KG

Approximate weight per piece 4.0-6.0 Kg
Approximate price per piece 9,960 – 14,940 baht

Please allow us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.

** Whole piece only**


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