Jack’s Creek Black Angus Striploin

Jack’s Creek Black Angus Striploin

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Jack’s Creek Black Angus Grain Fed Beef, Striploin Cut.

  • MB1 Price: 1,330 THB/KG
  • MB2 Price: 1,390 THB/KG
  • MB3 Price: 1,680 THB/KG

Jack’s  Creek of Australia has successfully defended their title for the World’s Best Steak at the World Steak Challenge for 5 years running.

Our grain-fed Angus is sourced from Jack’s Creek Farm, which is also one of our suppliers of the Wagyu*Angus cross. These animals are hand-selected in a rigorous process of grading according to numerous criteria such as meat PH, meat color, fat depth, marbling, carcass weight, and temperature. These measurements are used to determine the ‘grad’ in which the beef is sold. For this Grain-Fed Angus variety, we supply three grades

**Please contact us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.**

* Whole piece only*


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