Jack’s Creek Black Angus Point End Brisket MB2

Jack’s Creek Black Angus Point End Brisket MB2

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Jack’s Creek Black Angus beef is derived from superior Black Angus cattle, grain fed for 150 to 180 days on  a specifically formulated high energy  grain died.

Point end brisket is made up of the muscles from the underside of the chest area, between the front legs. Being a well-exercised muscle, it has a high degree of connective tissue, making it best suited to slow and steady cooking methods. Brisket is versatile and flavoursome and is perfect for shredding.

Price 490 THB/KG.
Approximate weight per piece 2.9-3.1  KG.
Approximate price per piece 1,421  – 1,519 THB.
**Please allow us to confirm weight and total price before the payment.**

** Whole piece only**


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