Jack’s Creek Black Angus Beef Flank Steak

Jack’s Creek Black Angus Beef Flank Steak

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This long flat steak is taken from a single muscle beneath the loin in the abdominal because they’re practically free of fat and connective tissue, they require little trimming. Full of flavour, flank steaks are extremely versatile and easy to prepare. The distinctive coarse grain that runs along the length is porous, so they generously soak up rubs and marinades. Carve flank steak thinly across the grain before eating.

Price 690 THB/KG
Approximate weight per piece 2.0-3.0 KG.
Approximate price per piece 1,380 – 2,070 THB.

**Please allow us to confirm the weight and total price before the payment.**

* Whole piece only*


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