El Quijote – Quince Paste – 1 Pack (400g)

El Quijote – Quince Paste – 1 Pack (400g)

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El Quijote Quince Paste

Natural Quince Paste

5 Ways to Use Quince Paste

1. Spread onto crostini 

Sweet quince paste pairs well with savory ingredients. Serve crostini made with quince paste and blue cheese or prosciutto, walnuts, and black pepper.

2. Rolled into puff pastry

Crowd-pleasing appetizers are easy to make using store-bought puff pastry: Simply cut thawed pastry dough into 1 by 3-inch strips. Layer quince paste, goat cheese, and chopped rosemary onto each strip, then close into a tube by pinching the outer edges together above the filling. Bake at 350°F until the puff pastry is golden, about 12 minutes.

3. Glazed over meats

Quince paste is a fantastic glaze for baked meat dishes, like roast chicken or lamb shoulder. Whisk together the paste with stock and spread over the meat. Baste regularly with pan juices.

4. Baked into a desert

Incorporate Argentinian flavors into your dessert-making arsenal simply by replacing fruit preserves in thumbprint cookies or fruit bars with quince paste.

5. Thinned into simple syrup

Combine quince paste and water in a small saucepan and heat over medium heat to create a thin, sweet syrup that’s delicious in yogurt, tea, cocktails, and more.

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