Apple Pink Lady – 1 Pack(6 Pieces)

Apple Pink Lady – 1 Pack(6 Pieces)

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Apple Pink Lady 

With Pink Lady®, you’re not just biting into an apple: you’re having an unforgettable taste experience! Juicy, crunchy, slightly tart and sweet with a delicious taste, Pink Lady® apples provide great taste all the time – and one bite is all it takes! Naturally exhilarating, Pink Lady® is a source of pleasure. ‘I’m under a spell’, ‘it’s irresistibly attractive’, ‘utterly seductive’ are just some of the ways our consumers express their appreciation, far more intensely than for other apples.

you can keep a Pink Lady® apple for between 8 to 15 days at room temperature and for longer periods in the refrigerator. Remember to take it out an hour before you wish to eat it to allow its flavours to fully express themselves. Always handle Pink Lady® apples with care to ensure that they retain their firmness and aren’t bruised.

A Pink Lady® contains 10% carbohydrates, 4% vitamins and minerals and over 80% water. Its fructose content is above average, providing your whole body with energy. In fact, maximum sugar content is one of the selection criteria for a Pink Lady® apple.

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