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Grass fed Australian beef 100% certified organic
– A unique provenance
Our cattle are sourced from remote properties in the pure heart of Australia,where landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see. In this vast wilderness,river channel flow across ancient floodplain peppered with natural watering holes.
– Flavor from natural pastures
OBE cattle graze on seasonally changing pastures, with over 250 species of native grasses, herbs, and  succulents on offer. The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land infuse unique and natural flavours into every cut of OBE Organic beef.
• Grass fed
• Certified USDA Organic
• Free from chemicals, antibiotics, added hormone and GMOs
• Farmer owned
• Sustainable

A land field with cows


Our beef comes from some of the finest producers in Victoria and New South Wales where the quality and taste are excellent. Jack’s Creek Black Angus and Wagyu beef comes from Northern NSW where cattle are raised free range for the first part of their lives and Great Southern Prime Beef from the lush green pastures of Northern NSW.

– No added hormones
– Free from antibiotics
– Halal Accredited
– EU Accredited

Grass Fed Beef
Grass-fed beef are cattle which are raised primarily on pastures. These cattle live in a stress-free environment where they are free to roam and feed on the wide green plains of country Australia. We source our grass-fed beef from Ralphs, Bass strain and Great Southern beef who are committed to providing the best quality, naturally raised beef and lamb. There is a growing trend to appreciate the taste and health benefits derived from grass fed beef and lamb.

Grain Fed Beef
Grain fed beef are cattle which are traditionally grain fed for 100 to 180 days on a specifically formulated high energy grain fed diet. The benefit of grain fed is that the diet can be controlled, and the price is cheaper than grass fed because of this. We have a number of Australian suppliers including Jack’s Creek whose cattle is only bred from superior Black Angus cattle from the best bloodlines, having no added hormones and being free from antibiotics. And Kidman.

Australian Wagyu Beef
Wagyu beef is the best marbled beef in the world and is famous for being tender, juicy and healthy. It also contains essential combined nutrients not found elsewhere, with all the essential amino acids present in the correct ratio to build proteins for strong and healthy bones. Blackmore Wagyu Beef is an award winning Victorian, Jack’s Creek Wagyu Beef grain fed for 450 days , Australian 2 GR wagyu Full blood wagyu and Australian wagyu beef product by Sher family.

Lamb in a land field


For those Lamb Lovers you will be pleased to know Bangkok Bob’s imports a range of premium quality Australian lamb including Top Paddock and Great Southern from the lush pastures of NSW and Victoria, Australia. Here the lambs are free to roam and graze and free from nasty pesticides. We also offer our speciality Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb from the unique Saltbush based pastures of South Australia. Our lamb is flown in chilled and is tender and flavoursome. We offer a wide selection of cuts is extensive including lamb legs, lamb racks, cutlets, loin and shanks to name a few.

Pork slices on a board

Homemade Pork Products

From pork chops to spare ribs, Bangkok Bob’s provide a variety of cuts for your convenient and cost-effective use. Our pork comes from the highest-quality pork produced by one of the only tree export-accredited abattoirs in Thailand with full traceability and HACCP standards. Homemade goods we proud to offer you a wide range of homemade sausage, burgers. As with our bacon, we use the highest export-quality pork. Sausages are produced the traditional way, with imported sea salt and spices.

Mussels with lemon, shrimps and pepper

Sea Food

Most of our sea food is freshly flow in from Australia, with the range that includes scallops, salmon, king fish is high in omeca-3 and omeca-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids up to 50% higher than found in Atlantic Salmon . Our pacific oysters are from south Australia, where they are grown in some of the most pristine pristine and unpolluted waters in the world. Live mussels from the nutrient-rich and unspoiled of Tasmania’s East Coast. The result are mussels with a
deep-sea taste and springy soft consistency.

Assortment of vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

Bangkok Bob’s also offers a range of freshest imported fruits and vegetables flow direct from Australia and Indonesia .Our imported produce are flown in once a week, with their entire journey spent in our cool chain system . Here you can find some more exotic vegetables including fresh Australian parsnips, fennel savoy cabbage, fresh rhubarb and celery to name a few .

Feta Cheese with other ingredients

Gourmet & Specialty Items

Bangkok bob’s travel the world over sauce unique and excelled products. Cobram Estate produces award-winning oils in two ranges. Boundary Blend olives of Australian extra virgin oil, In 2006 BBL, was awarded 19 medals. Our antipasto are imported from leading Australian producers of quality antipasto. The range includes semi-dried tomatoes, special Greek mix.

Board of Cold Cuts from Spain


Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a very geographically diverse country, ‘’Bonito del Norte” tuna is probably the finest tuna available in Spanish seafood market. This canned tuna preserved in olive oil is the most delicately flavored, unlike any other variety found in the world. Elpozo is the second largest pork processor in Spain with a daily capacity of 20,000 pigs. Beher is a Spanish ham producer with world farm. Specializing in corn-fed iberico ham and acorn-fed Iberian sausage product, Beher has won many international awards.

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