Jospen Oven

Josper Oven

What is Josper?

The Josper Oven is Bangkok Bob’s Grill’s key attraction. We are one of very few restaurants in Thailand which grills in a Josper in full view of our customers. An amazing sight. The Josper is also highly rated by Steak Houses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, Bistro-cafes, Traditional restaurants, Haute cuisine… The Josper Oven is an elegant combination of a Grill and an Oven in a single unit, cooking with 100% charcaol within a barbecue design, grilling at different levels and temperatures. We can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time, producing the flavours of yesterday, as well as a perfect texture and juiciness. Come and join us at Bob’s Grill and taste the difference.

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