One of our points of difference is QUALITY. At Bangkok Bob’s we believe that quality will give the customer satisfaction. We also think that they will enjoy our Ready Meals as if they were experiencing 5 Star Dining.

To achieve this, we use only the finest of ingredients, carefully selected and incorporated into the recipe. We think you, the consumer have come to trust Bangkok Bob’s Brand and know that you get always the highest quality.

The breakthrough for us came when we experimented with “Darfresh” technology in giving quality beef a long shelf life under chilled conditions .After numerous trials we now proudly offer a range of Quality meals for your enjoyment. They are enough for two or three or more, depending upon how much potato, pasta or rice you add. They are already cooked, ready to eat, and come in microwaveable containers.

Please enjoy and tell your friends they can now eat gourmet food at home, in the office or anywhere.

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