Best Steaks Grilled To Perfection at Bangkok Bob's Grill

Jack’s Creek of Australian has successfully defended their title for the world’s best steak at the 2017 World steak Challenge for three years running. The award-winning steak was ranked top of other entries from 17 countries including world-renowned meat producers Argentina, Japan, and New Zealand. With their Angus- Wagyu cross, Jack’s Creek has found a winning formula that produces exceptional beef whose the flavor is robust and beefy while maintaining a succulent tenderness. It’s this recipe for success that Bangkok Bob’s offer to customers. With three gold medals, you can’t go wrong.

• Black Angus Meat Verified • No Added Hormones • Free from Antibiotic • Halal Accredited, EU Accredited

Our Menu


Select your dish from an extensive range of salads and soups as your entree; lamb, steak and fish mains dishes, followed by a range of delicious desserts from an exceptional culinary experience.

Josper Oven


The Josper Oven is Bangkok Bob’s Grill’s key attraction. We are one of very few restaurants in Thailand which grills in a Josper in full view of our customers. An amazing sight. The Josper Oven is an elegant combination of a Grill and an Oven in a single unit, cooking with 100% charcaol within a barbecue design, grilling at different levels and temperatures. We can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time, producing the flavours of yesterday, as well as a perfect texture and juiciness. Come and join us at Bob’s Grill and taste the difference.

Our Wines


Compliment your meal and select from our wide range of quality wines from Australia, France, New Zealand and Spain. Or if you prefer, bring your own bottle with Corkage charge of 200 Baht.



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